Orange County Yogi Launches New Website to Promote Book

Patrice Simon website, Orange County Bikram Yoga

Patrice’s new site features a parallax design and background video.

Patrice Simon has been at the forefront of Orange County’s yoga scene for more than a decade. After building a loyal community at her Bikram yoga studio in Newport Beach, Patrice wanted to spread the good word to help even more people, and so decided to write a book about how yoga, combined with a strong grounding in spirituality, improved her life.

Siteseeing Media helped Patrice with many aspects of her digital promotion, including managing the building of the website, content direction, and newsletter creation.

“Siteseeing’s marketing and social media skills have provided me with the global visibility I needed to stay present in the minds of my followers,” says Patrice, in between asanas. “Jenna has a knack for navigating the ever-growing, ever-changing, and at times overwhelming ‘traffic’ of information.”

Because Patrice is very hands-on in all aspects of her work, sometimes she just needed a little guidance, such as when she wanted to have a presence on Facebook. She thought that her regular ol’ profile would suffice, until she learned about Facebook Pages for businesses. Siteseeing helped her build a new Facebook Page and showed her all the bells, likes, and whistles.

“Staying visible and connected with my clients and supporters is critical to maintaining my growth and success,” says Patrice. “Jenna is the human ‘Google Search’ of social media and marketing.”

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Jenna Rose Robbins started her life as a nerd on her Commodore 64 coding Mad Libs games for her friends. After graduating from the University of Michigan, she parlayed her digital talents into a career and went on to work at AOL and launch multi-million-dollar websites for Disney. After heading up FIJI Water's marketing department, she opened up shop under the Siteseeing banner, which helps small businesses improve their local presence on the web. When she's not getting eyestrain at her computer, Jenna can generally be found trying to avoid emergency rooms around the world.